EDTA is a remarkable arterial cleansing agent with the ability to effectively remove the plaque, cholesterol, and toxic heavy metals that congest, restrict, and impede blood flow and oxygen throughout the 75,000 miles of blood vessels within the body. It was  only accessible for  rich and famous people,  but now, 2018,  with the new HIGH  TIME RELEASED DOSE  1500 mg DETOXAMIN  of Autobiologics Singapore  it’s available for everyone  who want to get rid of  heavy metals  and much more !

Another benefit, and perhaps the most important for cancer patients, is that DETOXAMIN  EDTA binds with and removes from the body the excessive free radicals that many experts attribute to the development and progression of cancer.

Free radicals are the highly unstable chemicals that attack, penetrate, and damage vital cell structures. Most stable chemical compounds in the body possess a pair of electrons. Sometimes, one member of the electron pair gets stripped away. The resulting compound is called a free radical.

When a free radical is created, it travels through the body looking for another compound to steal an electron from. When it finds an electron to steal, it breaks up the stable compound and results in releasing another free radical, and so on. This process can do tremendous damage to the delicate machinery of your cells.

Free radicals lead to nutritional imbalances, aging, vitamin deficiencies, and oxygen deficits.  According to the National Cancer Institute, one of the underlying causes of cancer is excessive free radical damage in your cells that harms your DNA and results in some cells mutating into cancerous cells.

Chelation therapy has the ability to bind with the free radicals and excrete them through the process of urination.  It also removes transition elements, such as iron, which accelerate free radical pathology, including cancer.

By eliminating excessive free radicals and their proliferation, you can restore the body’s natural vitamin and mineral levels thus allowing the body’s cells to repair themselves, and assisting our body in healing.

Heavy metals and cancer

Heavy metals are defined as metallic elements that have a relatively high density compared to water.  Studies have demonstrated human exposure has risen dramatically as a result of an exponential increase of their use in several industrial, agricultural, domestic and technological applications.

Reported sources of heavy metals in the environment include geogenic, industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, domestic effluents, and atmospheric sources.

We begin accumulating heavy metals from our toxic world before birth. The developing fetus is subject to about 70 percent of the mother’s heavy metals released into her blood to start off with.  Then we add to that toxic-metal-laden vaccines, processed foods, toxic air and water, metal laced salves and ointments, and of course, dental amalgams and other medical implants.

Heavy metals that are immunosuppressant and can actually cause cancer are: mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, and uranium.  They are classified as human carcinogens (known or probable) according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.  These deadly and silent invaders cause suppression and/or deregulation of the immune system, leading to a 10-fold increase in cancer mortality.

Chelation therapy and oxygen

Another key benefit of Chelation therapy is the resulting increase in oxygenation to the cells. Healthy cells are aerobic, meaning that they function properly in the presence of sufficient oxygen. Healthy cells metabolize (burn) oxygen and glucose (blood sugar) to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy “currency” of the cells.

Cancer cells on the other hand are anaerobic, meaning they function without oxygen. In the absence of oxygen the cell reverts to a primitive nutritional program to sustain itself, converting glucose, by fermentation. The lactic acid produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH (acid/alkaline balance) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division … the cancer cells begin to multiply unchecked.

Dr. Otto Warburg emphasized that you can’t make a cell ferment unless a lack of oxygen is involved. In 1955, two American scientists, R.A. Malmgren and C.C. Flanigan, confirmed Warburg’s findings. They found that oxygen deficiency is always present when cancer develops.

What Warburg found, however, is you can reverse fermentation simply by adding oxygen. When you flood the cancer cell with oxygen, you can regain apoptosis, their programmable cell death. If you put enough oxygen into a cancer cell it will turn on the Krebs Cycle (the mitochondria) and this reignites the program for cell death.

Is Chelation therapy safe?

Chelation therapy, using EDTA, has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment for heavy metal poisoning for more than four decades. Utopia Wellness has administered more than 80,000 Chelation therapies without incident.

The most common side effect of chelation therapy is seen by intravenous  application. That’s why my hat goes off to the manufacturers of Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories for researching and making EDTA chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people… for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories will revolutionize medicine. My dosage is 1500 mg time release suppositories, 1 box is good for 25 weeks, safe  available in Thailand, free shipment.


How EDTA  get the poison out?

In the event of heavy metal poisoning, chelation has been the go-to treatment approved by mainstream medicine for decades. Beginning in the 1900s, diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) — a simple amino acid was the binder of choice for those exposed to contaminants in the workplace, like lead, and still is today.

Physicians will tell you that the benefits of EDTA chelation treatment for lead poisoning and excessively high calcium levels are undisputed. Sadly, the chelation discussion ends there with mainstream medicine. And that’s what’s so perplexing to me…

What about the rest of it?

According to research at the National Institutes of Health Center for Environmental Health, chronic low dose exposure to multiple elements — including arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium — is a major public health concern.

Just recently there have been reports that particulate air pollution has been tied to Alzheimer’s and you can even suffer a pollution-triggered heart attack.

That means we are exposed to heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins regularly — and the price is sickness.

It might surprise you to learn you don’t have live next door to Chernobyl to get exposed to a deadly toxin. For example arsenic is found in insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, algicides, wood preservative and dye-stuff.  Do you do yardwork or DIY projects around the house? Then you make contact. Arsenic inhibits DNA repair and acts as a carcinogen — for starters.

Cadmium exposure, another carcinogen, has increased over the last century. It exists naturally in the Earth’s crust, but is emitted from industrial plants, mining operations and battery manufacturers, among others. Your food is full of it… even if it’s organic.

And did you know that lead in dust and soil often re-contaminates “cleaned” houses? And lead is still one of the most common pediatric health problems  today. What about us adults… we’re absorbing 35-50% of lead through our drinking water.

How can you protect yourself?

EDTA chelation seems the simple answer. These days it’s even available in DETOXAMIN  suppositories . Just like other detox practices, it seems a perfectly natural way to protect against a constant onslaught of contaminants.

I  feel very strongly about the practice of detoxing or cleansing, believing it’s as important to creating good health as nutrition and exercise in today’s chemical-laden and toxin-filled world.

But the mainstream opponents to detoxing, want you to believe it’s just another new age practice for which, they say, there is no real benefit or need.

But as the polluting of your body continues, thanks in large part to laxed government oversight by institutions, like the EPA — who, by the way, has not recommended a single new contaminant for regulation since 1996, though tens of thousands of chemicals have entered the market — I want to stress to you , how very real the threat to your health is.

Bowing to lobbying by chemical companies, it’s only going to get worse as the EPA fast tracks these chemicals into our air and water without giving them their due diligence to determine if they’re safe or not.  “Potentially lethal chemicals we breathe and consume are innocent until proven poisonous.” And we’re the test subjects.

If your health matters to you… if disease-free senior years are your hope, then you must understand that your body is being systematically poisoned by common daily personal care productsfoods, household items and furniture, the dishes you eat from and even your workplace, not to mention the air your breath and water you shower in.

The contaminants are responsible for fatigue, premature aging, chronic disease — even cancer — and it’s as imperative to protect yourself from these threats as it is to avoid a deadly contagion. Look into chelation with EDTA. I think you’ll be impressed with what you learn — especially the part about the heavy metal-heart health connection.


If You’re struggling with…

                              High Blood Pressure…
                              Out-of-control Cholesterol…
                              Poor Blood Circulation…

                              … Then you could on the brink of a heart disaster  


Consider this for effective heart attack and stroke prevention and treatment: Instead of Angioplasty and bypass, how about increasing blood viscosity  and EDTA chelation treatment?

We talk in greater detail about the underlying causes of strokes and heart attacks.  We agree that a meaningful treatment must effectively aid the body to cleanse the arteries by attacking the substances which block them. It is the blockages which are the problem. Obviously there are major issues with the conventional approaches of big debilitating surgeries (like angioplasty or bypass) or big pharmaceutical drugs with nasty side effects.

So what or who are these two alternatives ?

EDTA  chelation intravenous treatment is the naturally occurring destroyer of arterial plaques but is time consuming, ( 24 clinical sessions , each 2 hours )  and expensive.  Studies have shown that EDTA has no known side effects, and it really works. However we could reach even better results with high dose DETOXAMIN suppositories, for just 30 % of the intravenous costs and works when you sleep.



Introducing a formula with these powerful substances into the body, by simple rectal suppositories,  aims to turn your body into what amounts to a factory of artery cleansing. The usual state of fearful waiting for the next shoe to drop as your body builds up more dangerous arterial plaque is replaced by proactive prevention of the root cause. Furthermore we introduced the AUTOBIOLOGICS  nasal Laser Vielight to get rid of sticky blood and increase blood viscosity  in fact by  very advanced red Laser blood irradiation.





Exposing The Natural Secrets That Stop Heart or Brain Disaster & Other Damaging Complications Arising From Renegade Blood Clots & Life Threatening Clogged Arteries!

Dissolve dangerous blood clots safely and naturally

Remove arterial plaques that accumulated on your arteries walls

Banish poor blood circulation and restore healthy, smooth flowing blood to you whole body

Thin your blood safely and naturally without blood thinner such as aspirin & plavix

Quickly lower high blood pressure with better and smoother blood flow

Safely eliminate root cause of blood clots and stop clots forming

Effectively prevent strokes and heart disease



The combination of   DETOXAMIN  1500 mg ( !) EDTA chelation treatment and the unique  non invasive Laser approach makes all your bloodthinners and cholesterol lowering drugs obsolete and  you will not need them anymore. We are  specialized in high dose DETOXAMIN  EDTA Chelation and we can also deliver the Vielight red Laser for a competitive price and friendly shipping/handling conditions.



This package is medically equal to 20  IV chelation treatments at less than a third of the cost, and gives you 25 weeks of real treatment. Detoxamin usage instructions for lower concentrations  are located on the Detoxamin packaging , however since Autobiologics Singapore  deliver DETOXAMIN   in the ultra high dose of 1500 milligram ( not available  for consumers by internet : only lower dose), we developed the following  Dr. William’s  DETOXAMIN protocol.





SIDE EFFECTS : in some cases leg cramps, this can be avoid by taking MAGNESIUM supplement, 300 or 500 milligram.  To support your liver drink Turmeric ( Curcuma) tea or herbal powder.