WOW !! : Use your NOSE ??!! and Lower Your Blood Viscosity & You Too Will Be Around at Age 100

By Dr. William H van Ewijk, M.D.

           Your benefits :

  • Nihilists risks of stroke and heart failure
  • Improve fading memory and restore blood flow and oxygen to heart, limbs, legs and brain
  • After 2 weeks you don’t need cholesterol lowering drugs anymore.
  • After 2 weeks you don’t need high blood pressure drugs anymore.

You could be unwittingly killing yourself because the nutrients and supplements you carefully and dutifully take are not reaching your tissues.

That means how sludgy or free-flowing the blood is. Think of the difference between paint and water: you pour paint out of a can and it flows quite slowly, compared to the speed that water rushes from a jug when you pour. That’s a question of “flowability” that has the proper name of viscosity.

Thing is, if you blood is thick and slow moving (high viscosity), it won’t carry as much oxygen and nutrients to your cells.( Our Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyser perform a whole body scan in 2 minutes and is able to measure your blood viscosity .)

Low oxygen levels in the tissues are a very important risk factor for creating cancer.

Oxygen protects us against cancer, as researcher Otto Warburg said.

In any event, if your vitamins C and D, plus all the other good stuff, don’t arrive in adequate quantities to the tissues, then you are not protected from cancer so well, no matter what quantities of supplements you swallow. Get it? Is that bad? You bet it is.

Why Sticky Blood Kills

When will the pendulum swing away from the nonsensical obsessive focus on lipid metabolism and move to viscosity and clotting? Most fatal cardiovascular events are blood clots, not fat sludge!

Now a new study from Edinburgh University in the UK has shown conclusively that blood viscosity is crucial. It is not the quality of artery walls that matters; it’s the quality of the blood itself–its free flowing liquid vs. sludging characteristics.

Raised blood viscosity is at least as important as two old favorites: blood pressure and so-called “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in predicting death by heart attack. PLUS: they showed it’s more important than smoking as a risk factor.

This is so obviously important that only doctors making money off the outdated nonsense of chasing cholesterol levels for a living will, fail to act on this research and incorporate it in patient care. Big Pharma will try to smother the research, because cholesterol-controlling statin drugs are still their number one profit earner, worldwide.

Meantime, you can work on your own blood viscosity.

Improve the Delivery System

It’s a question of delivery of good nutrients to your tissues. But also removal of toxins. If you can’t feed and cleanse your tissues efficiently, you are in line for disease. It goes without saying you will age faster.

Suppose you are battling cancer and busy swallowing tons of good stuff, like enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and hydrogen peroxide. If the life-saving nutrient isn’t arriving in your tissues in sufficient quantity, you are not really helped or protected by all this good work.

This even holds true for delivering nutrients and intravenous holistic remedies ; vitamin C cannot work it’s powerful magic if it isn’t circulated enough, even when it is placed directly into the blood. It’s mission critical!

So really, that today’s wise healer and wise self-help worker will work also on the “delivery system”. That means putting an end to typical viscous blood and thinning it back to normal. That will mean no heart attacks, no strokes and no clots in the limbs and legs.

It will also, incidentally, mean much clearer thinking and less chance of dementia, because of increased cerebral blood flow.

In every sense, it’s a good thing to do.

So, where we are going with this?

I have a terrific and PROVEN way to reduce your blood viscosity; to get it back to the super fluid it was when you were a youngster in the prime of life!

By lowering inflammation with laser light!

What?. you say. Yes, it’s true. There has been a lot written lately about how pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies can do this. It really works and saves lives. But PEMF devices are cumbersome and very expensive (several $1,000s to $20,000 or more).

There’s another way: low-level laser light administered to the blood. Once upon a time, that meant getting the blood re-routed from veins, via a cannula with laser light flooded onto it, and then back into the circulation.

Nowadays it’s so easy it’s a joke and no one should be without one of these super new devices that will thin your blood and save your life: you shine the laser lamp UP YOUR NOSE!

Don’t laugh. Here’s a picture of a guy doing it. It’s easy. Just shove it up your hooter and switch on! I do it while working at my word processor.

The VieLight Nasal Laser Therapy Device

There’s a very good reason for using this route of administration, which is that the nasal passages have a HUGE network of blood vessels (more than the brain, when you look at a blood flow scan). Merely shining the light up your nose is the same, or better, than feeding laser light into re-routed blood. But without the risks of drawing venous blood and returning it to the body.

Instead of sludgy blood, threatening a stroke of heart attack at any moment, the risk is dramatically less, as proven by the study I shared above. Using this device 3-4 times a week keeps your blood permanently fluid.

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