AUTOBIOLOGICS  The Research Foundation proudly presents

Vielight Intranasal  Infrared Therapy ….

 Vielight Health Briefs Documentary (featured on the Discovery Channel)

Stimulates the body into natural healing and illness resistance


  • Prevent and reverse dementia, such as Alzheimer
  • Brings more oxygen to brains and general circulation
  • Correct insomnia by bringing the brain in the default alpha state
  • Correct Memory fading & Memory loss

           HOW IT WORKS ??

When the light source 1 in this position is pointed as shown, it requires little energy for effective irradiation because much of the physical pathway to the brain is air. 2. For the purpose of illustration, the mid-brain areas highlighted are the amygdala3, hippocampus 4, hypothalamus 5, septal area 6 and the cingulated cortex 7. The portion of the neo-cortex that is easily illuminated by the light source is the prefrontal cortex 8. The brain is encased by a bony skull. Other than the area of the brain stem 9 which connects the spinal cord to the brain, the thinnest part of the protective skull is the thin perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone 10.


Everyone’s body is different and, as such, healing occurs within varying time frames. Please be patient during your healing process.

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As the 810 pulses at 10 Hz/sec, this frequency makes the brain go into the default mode, the alpha state. At this state, the brain is most relaxed. Thus, the 810 is also used by people with chronic sleep issues. Many neurological breakdowns start at the base of the brain and the 810 shines light at this area to repair of  neurons.