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Active substance :

100 mg lyophilized special  extract of designed part of  Human Placenta. By : AUTOBIOLOGICS,  The Placenta Research  Foundation.

Properties and efficacy  :

Scientific research has shown that the human placenta contains substances critical for enhance immune system and   improves immune system against diseases… These includes  both  aminoacids : essential and non essential,  polydeoxyribonucleotides ( PDRNs), and other  immuneregulators and nutritional  elements. In addition this extract also contains 128 growth factors such as  HGF,EGF,CFS, NGF,IGF-1, TGF ,IL1,IL2,IL3 AND IL4. All these factors are concentrated and will help to restore  the immune system before, during and after every cancer treatment including chemotherapy and  radiation..

Immune booster:

Pentimmun  contains highly concentrated  freeze-dried special extract of human placenta, in which  isolated peptides, proteins, enzymes , cytokines, growth factors , hormones and other compounds are  essential  to increase and regulate the  immune system  and optimal health. All these thermo labile  factors are processed without denaturing heat sterilization or chemical additives. It works as a biological stimulator for a weak  immune system which   has been  deteriorated by cancer treatments. It is used  as  a natural non toxic adjuvant therapy with  cancer treatments  with  the aim to decrease treatment time or  chemical  drug concentration. PCENTIMMUN®  is not  a specific cancer treatment itself. Replenishes nutrient, promote woundhealing after operations, revitalize the body during illness and after recuperation, strengthen  body resistance  against diseases.


  • improves immune system against diseases
  • strengthen immune system before, after and during chemotherapy and radiation
  • improves blood circulation, prevent hardening of the liver
  • strong anti inflammatory effects  on stomach and duodenum
  • remarkable immunotropic effect
  • improves energy
  • promotes woundhealing after operations

Method of administration and Guidance:

For Intramuscular injection only: dissolve the freeze dried content of injection vial with  2ml NaCl * (Saline) or water for injection* and shake well.  A deep intramuscular injection on the Gluteal area with a thin needle ( e.g. 24Gx1” or  26Gx1 ½” )* is indicated.  Inject slowly . Take a rest after treatment.  CAVE : Many clinics mix the human placenta extract with vitamins  and administer intravenous injections. By this the precious human placenta extract will mix with urine and makes this injection pointless. One  MUST receive an intramuscular injection only. One get good results if you receive i.m. injections from a doctor who really understands the potency of human placenta extracts.

* Solvent and syringes not provided with product.



Initial therapy :

1 ampoule, six  times a week for the initial 1st to 2nd week.

1 ampoule,  four times a week for the 3rd and 4th   week.

Maintenance therapy :

1 ampoule three times  a week from  4th week during 3 month.  Repeat  1 ampoule every week during 6th months.


Pcentimmun   meet the highest standards of safety, is tested for hepatitis, HIV, and  is  tested on all kind of contaminations. It should not be used during pregnancy and with children. The product is contra indicated for people who are allergic to human placenta or its components. A intracutaneous test before with 0,01 ml of the dissolved product is advisable .

Side effects:

Human placenta and its components are usually well tolerated. In some cases, like with any type of injection, reddening, pain  and swelling may occur at the injection site. A cold compress can be applied and a gentle application of a heparin ointment to cool the area should be sufficient to reduce.

Storage instructions:

Do not store above 25 Celsius. Protect from light and store in the outer package, store in a dark cool place, DO NOT FREEZE. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Package size:

 PCENTIMMUN®  is available  in 6, 12, 24 and 48 ampoules per package.