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Dr. William is a research expert in the medical field and highly specialized in subjects 20140910_164048such as Human Placenta, Cancer, rejuvenating, detoxification, (Stem) Cell therapy, Quantum Medicine, Hulda Clark Medicine. He founded TELEMEDICINE in his BIOLOGICSINTERNATIONAL/AUTOBIOLOGICS office in Singapore. Before he worked, as Chef de Clinique in the PRANA GAYA Clinic and had a well trained staff in Thailand. Take a look at Facebook Dr. William Clinic Prana Gaya! Many patients from all over the world traveled to consult Dr. William due to his holistic gentle non invasive approach and new insights in Modern Medicine. See testimonials from satisfied happy patients. However a lot of patients like to avoid costly travel and prefer to use his unique TELEMEDICINE SINGAPORE SERVICE to ask answers on medical questions, or are interested to get an independent second opinion. His mission is to help people by providing access to Modern Medical knowledge, quickly, conveniently and affordable. By doing so, Dr. William believes that he can contribute to improve the world. His value is QUALITY, ACCESS TO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE AND RECENT RESEARCH and COMPASSION . He values humility, generosity (giving patients more value than they pay for), strict privacy, candor and fairness. Dr. William and this website is affiliated with JustAnswer ® the world largest paid question and answer platform where people get answer from real Doctors and specialists or one of thousands or other verified Experts one-on-one. Customers receive answers to their questions quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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