Dr. William H. van Ewijk, M.D. (M.A.), is an internationally renowned researcher developing original ideas.  With more than 40 years of pharmaceutical background involving basic clinical trials, and who is highly experienced in clinical immunology, he regards his work to be the culmination of a career devoted to creating and pioneering work in new fields.

His greatest gift, and the quality that makes him unique, is his ability to intuitively sense, or see, connections that others may overlook. The best example, was his idea in 1989 to motivate pregnant women to store their own placenta for themselves and their baby for later re-use for medical and/or cosmetic reasons.


His Placenta Research Foundation, a non-profitable organisation, owns till 2005 the biggest Placenta Bank in the world.  Sometimes the Foun­dation stored placentas of famous aristocrats, artists, and well-known television personalities. This activity has been cancelled due to new regulations on biological products/activities of the Dutch Ministry of Health in 2004.


In appreciation and international recognition of his dedication and out­standing contribution of knowledge, he was nominated as recipient of the Doctorate in Medicine (Medicina Alternativa).

His Thesis, Placenta or the Lost Organ ,available as an e-book here, is a short summary comprised of ten years of human placental and stem cells research and only the tip of the  research iceberg of basic innovative “vaccines” e.g. for new cancer treatments.

chinese_professorDr.van Ewijk tries to convince the public to look at the afterbirth not as a waste product, but a treasure house of the body’s own biologi­cally active substances like stem cells and other valuable compounds and extracts, that can be preserved for medical life saving purposes.


Personal: Dr.van Ewijk retires in S.E Asia, and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.


He is a keen Honorary Member of Rotary International. His hobbies are horses, in fact he owned the 22 hectares Polo Rancho Santa Rita near Buenos Aires. Even at his age he still plays amateur Polo in the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club.


He also likes all music, surrealistic art and to travel to far and scenic destinations. Was an active member of The Wine Club Cote d’Azur and visited almost all great Chefs of Gastronomy during the 20 years he stayed in his beloved Saint Paul de Vence, France.

Dr William with his promotor and Dean of the University.

He was many times interviewed for International broadcasting companies like CNN, mostly about  biotechnology and assisted in a Forum about  the use of embryonic material like stem cells. One Dutch TV station made a portrait of his life and titled it: “Forever young“  Dr.van Ewijk will do his utmost best to reach that goal………….

Dr William (Left).