mother_EDr.William H.Van Ewijk, M.D. was born in Oss, The Netherlands . His father was, in 1926, the first biochemist in ORGANON LABORATORIES, he developed insulin from calf/pork pancreas. And started his own pharmacy in 1932.
Mother van Ewijk- van der Leeden was one of the daughters of a veterinary Doctor and worked in the research department of ORGANON. 
Dr William continued family tradition as the third medical/pharmaceutical generation . He lived for 18 years in St.Paul-de-Vence, France, and retired in South East Asia since 2004. 

1964-1968 :   
Chemist/pharmacist, Oss – pharmacology / medical plants, own magisterial drug preparation.

1968-1972 :
Warner Lambert, Park Davis Ethical Pharmaceuticals, Head of clinical trials (cardiology)

1972-1976 :
SANOFI, (Laboratoires LABAZ ) Holland & France – Co-coordinator of Phase I, clinical drug research in academic hospitals (cardiology, hormones, epilepsy, and dermatology/immunology)
His hobby : Journalist/writer for Het Parool, Amsterdam #1 newspaper and NOS national Dutch broadcasting.

1976-1985 :
Vice-President of National Allergen Laboratories, Haarlem (allergy & clinical immunology) Research with the Pasteur Institute, Paris & Lille (parasitology & clinical immunology) R&D of allergenic extracts and laboratory tests (respiratory allergy, asthma) Research with Stanford Research Institute, California (clinical immunology). Start making antibodies in goats, give a lecture about Histoplasma Capsolatum for the researchers of Immunology in Berkley University.
Pioneered and produced the first veterinary allergy extracts with University of Utrecht The Netherlands and University of Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A… Discovered and analyzed the key allergen in cat flea saliva.

1984-1988 :
Established Artu Biologicals N.V. Lelystad , CEO,(vaccines),innovated public company in allergy, enzymes, immunology & bio-technology. Put biotechnology into allergen vaccins,
and was able to discover an enzyme for lactose intolerant people. His ARTU BIOLOGICALS N.V. was listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange: Fornix Biosciences N.V. and was sold for 40 Million Euro to a Danish  vaccine company. He discovered, as first in the world, herring sperm derived biological AZT for use in AIDS patients.

Sold this invention for 1 symbolic $ to Welcome Foundation UK. “ I don’t want to make any profit out of this “ pest” of this century “.

1979-1988 :
Ascertained seven world-wide medical and pharmaceutical patents for US Patent Office. Diploma National Congress Spanish Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Sevilla 1982-‘85. Member of the American College of Allergists, Dutch & Belgian College of Allergists. Member of the New York Academy of Science since 1987 in immunology and life extension. Invented the vaccines and registered the trade names of: VETERINHAL®, POLLALIN®, DUSTINEX®

.1987-1997 :
Chairman of the Senior Board of Artu Biologicals .( Listed then at  the Amsterdam stock exchange : Fornix Biosciences N.V.) Retired in 1997.
Founder of Autobiologics, The Placenta Research Foundation. Author of a European, American & Japanese patent on the autologeous re-use of the human placenta ; in charge of amino acids research derived from human placentas. Start stem cell research. Developed BIOPLACENTAL, an invention for life extension. Founder Autodiagnostics Foundation: Do-it-yourself-HIV-tests with help of WHO immunologists in 1998.
Invented and produced the vaccines and registered trade names of :

Member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine and the Life Extension Foundation. Worked on rejuvenating and immunology research with Prof. Dr. Georges Halpern, M.D. PhD, University of Davies ,California, and the University of Hong Kong. This Paris born Professor was one of his two promoters for his Thesis.

1997 : 
Degree of Doctor of Medicine(M.D.)Faculty of Medical Studies, University of Colombo,Sri Lanka Reg.nr 11-97-1261C.Publication of “ Placenta or the Lost Organ”,ISBN908038741X





2000 :

Special UNESCO mission to investigate illegal organ trade in an Argentina psychiatric clinic.


5<— : Dr. William in his office St. Paul de Vence, France






1997-2002 :

  • Publication on Internet about specific new anti cancer treatments, e.g. Coley Toxins, VG-1000, autologeous Vaccines, colloidal silver and  platinum, detoxification.
  • Treated free of charge 260 cancer patients.
  • Translated Dr. Hulda Clark bestseller “ The Cure of all Cancers” in Dutch.
  • Treated 160 cancer patients with Biological Immune Modifiers, like VG-1000, Neytumorin, Ukrain and Coley Toxins.
  • Presented “ Placental therapy in cancer”,2nd Mondial Congress of Naturopathy, Rimini, Italy.
  • Presented seminar on “ The Hulda Clark Cancer treatment”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Member “ Speakers Academy”, advisor of Dutch Government on autologeous human placenta.

2003 :
Pilot extractions of umbilical cord extracts of stem cells and immunoglobulins.
Creates www.placenta-anticancer.info, analyzed  JAMU : Indonesian medical detoxication herbs.

2004/2005 :
Directs Pilot Clinical Trials with  human stem cells for treatment of a variety of immunological disorders like Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s, Down’s syndrome, organ repair and hormone related cancers.
This research has been suspended due to technical difficulties with up scaling.



( Dr. William- far right)

                                             2004/2014 : 
logoWas President elect of the only French speaking Rotary Club in Asia. Rewarded in November 2008 as Honorary Member of Rotary International.  Operate human placenta in Thai Science Park, linked with the prestigious Thamasat University  Bangkok Thailand.  Dr. William was appointed as Chef de Clinique since October 2013 in an advanced Wellness Clinique specialized in QUANTUM Medicine and (stem) cell therapy. Joined  the International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology  and developed protocols for EDTA Chelation therapy.  Treat hormone related cancers with hyperthermia and immune boosters. Is trained by Russian scientist in the Nikola Tesla & Albert Einstein Institute in Bangkok for QUANTUM MEDICINE and use non invasive QUANTUM whole body scanners to detect and to treat many diseases.  Was nominated  and appointed for  the prestigious Rotary International  Paul Harris Fellow  reward in June 2014.