The famous and unique QUANTUM scanners  the telemetric  MRIT : Molecular  Resonance Imaging Technology  and  the QRMA device  : Quantum Resonant Magnetic Analyser  of Dr. William H. van Ewijk are highly sensitive but  in fact portable devices. On request he travels over the whole world, not only to diagnose  any existing disease or a tendency to develop a disease on a molecular/cellular level but in particular to TREAT diseases with Quantum Medicine. These methods can detect an individual risk profile to prevent for future diseases or cancer.   His scanner is a METAMED scanner, developed by Russian  scientists in prestigious University Institutes in Moscow. There are only 5 of this type of non invasive scanners in the world, and Dr William was chosen and thoroughly  trained by these scientists, due to his knowledge and experience of Clinical Immunology and non toxic tumor therapy. So he is able to diagnose  and treat on a non invasive way diseases or syndromes  ( no injections or contrast, no radioactivity ), even reverse post stroke paralyses  or get patients out of a coma. See illustration.


And the QUANTUM RESONANCE MAGNETIC ANALYSER is able to perform a whole body check which replaces 65% of all blood tests.



Due to a certain price tag of travelling and hosting of Dr. William and his skilled  assistant , plus time consuming calibration of the scanners and studying patient’s medical history, these “ home calls “ cannot be cheap and are not affordable for everyone. But the success is obvious and remarkable : e.g. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to detect an early stage of prostate cancer  in a  not named V.I.P. , which could be controlled  with non toxic cancer treatment  AND the electromagnetic  QUANTUM waves of the MRIT scanner during 15 sessions.

In Chang Mai, Thailand, the method reversed  successfully a cancer on the lip in a 67 year old British retired General  during 12 sessions with a tailor-made protocol , to avoid the risk of cutting 65 % of the  under lip and invasive costly radiation.

In Manila , Phillipines  the  Quantum method of Dr. William could help an autistic young adolescent to let express herself  better and speak after 16 sessions. See testimonials.