As you may know, there is a very wide variety in “organic “coconut oil due to factors such as the manufacturing process used to make the oil, the age, and type of coconuts, and other issues that impact the quality, effectiveness and healthiness of your organic coconut oil. Most commercial coconut oils are made from copra, the dried up meat from coconuts. Using the cheaper copra-grade coconut means that the oil extracted may not be sanitary, and, in my opinion, it is not suitable for human consumption. It must not be refined or purified. In fact, this type of inferior coconut oil is called RBD — refined, bleached, and deodorized. Mass-producing coconut oil in this manner typically uses nutrient-removing heat, chemical solvents, bleaching agents and sometimes even hydrogenating processes, which can create trans fats .Meeting such high standards is no small feat, but you should not settle for anything less if you want to experience all the health benefits of organic coconut oil. 


­­­­­­­­­I have been decided after years of staying on top of current coconut oil Medical research , to introduce: Dr. William’s  ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra  Virgin  Thai Coconut Oil.

This means: the “right molecule.” Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances which are natural to the body.

In The Netherlands I was many years an active member of the Dutch Society of Orthomolecular Medicine, and I want to make sure you have peace of mind, knowing I’m offering you what I believe is the absolute best coconut oil that exists. That’s why I’m excited to make available to you a product, after so many years of studying and close contact with the best and most reliable manufacturer, which practice the highest standards of any manufacturer in the industry that is superior to all other leading brands! I made sure that it meets all these requirements, including:

Dr. William’s ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra  Virgin  Thai Coconut Oil
Certified organic by USDA/ EU/ASEAN standards

  • No refining
  • No chemicals added (including hexane)
  • No bleaching
  • No deodorization
  • No hydrogenation
  • Made from traditional coconut palms only, no hybrid or genetically modified (GMO) varieties
  • Harvested from certified ORGANIC palm trees of Chum Pon, Thailand
  • Made from fresh coconuts, not the dried “copra” used in cheap oils
  • Made without heat processing
  • Contains no smoke and is raw oil and left all nutritions intact
  • Made from fresh coconuts, not the dried “copra” used in cheap oils
  • Made without heat processing
  • Contains no smoke and is raw oil and left all nutritions intact

Dr. William’s  ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra  Virgin  Thai Coconut Oil.  is made from fresh coconuts — opened less than 48 hours after they are picked from the trees. These coconuts are grown and processed organically, without potentially harmful fertilizers, additives or chemical solvents. Dr. William’s  ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra  Virgin  Thai Coconut Oil  is made without heat processing. The fresh coconuts are first cold pressed to press the milk out. The milk then goes through a centrifuge, where the pure oil spins away from the water layer. This results in a pure and natural, unrefined, and highly stable organic coconut oil. The use of organic coconut oil is one of the smartest dietary measures I recommend. Take a YouTube tour in the factory


Although pharmaceutical companies turn a blind eye to natural remedies, one thing is indisputable – nature has a cure for almost any existing disease. The sad thing is that without medical research and approval, they remain unknown to people whose health depends on them. But now there is an impressive amount of literature of medical use of this oil. This special coconut oil has many other benefits. It naturally kills multiple viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites without disrupting beneficial gut bacteria.  In particular has been shown to protect you from viruses, bacteria, infection, cancer, thyroid, brain and heart problems… plus beautifies your skin – and even burns fat!  It aids digestion and liver metabolism, reduces inflammation. Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can actually be classified as a super food. There is such a hype surrounding the product that it really makes you wonder what the sudden ubiquitousness of this tropical plant is all about. It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. Coconut oil contains what is known as medium chain fatty triglycerides, which are fatty acids of a medium length. Most are considered to be long-chain in fatty acids, but coconut oil is metabolized differently. They go from the liver to the digestive tract, where they are then used as a quick source of energy. One of the ingredients is a type of healthy fat known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Now when you hear “healthy brain fats” you think of Omega-3’s like fish oil. Those kinds of fats are surely good for you, but they have to be digested before your body can use them. And remember – slower digestion is one of the reasons your brain is starving in the first place. MCT is different. It has an almost magical ability to absorb directly into your bloodstream – without being digested at all. It’s the only nutrient in the world with that ability. So with a regular dose of MCTs, your brain cells have a fresh new stream of energy at their disposal. In fact, MCTs alone may be powerful enough to reverse mild cases of mental decline.

Coconut oil is still considered to be an exotic food in the Western Society, primarily consumed by health conscious people. In some parts of the world, however, coconut oil is a dietary staple. In the South Pacific, they eat over 60% of their calories from coconuts, and they are the largest consumers of saturated fat in the world. They also have excellent health, not even a shred of evidence leading to heart disease. This special prepared Dr. William’s ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil:

Good Source of Lauric Acid : The lauric acid in coconut oil can kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and help stave off infections. When the oil is enzymatically digested, it forms a monoglyceride known as Monolaurin. Lauric acid and monolaurin help to kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Can reduce seizures: The oil increase concentrations in ketone bodies in the blood and brains . For some reason, this type of diet can reduce the rate of seizures in epileptic children.

Can cure Alzheimer : by  increasing ketones in the brain, slowly  recent memory will restore, there is enough evidence  that your brain need this healthy fat.

Helps to Manage Type 2 Diabetes : Coconut oil helps to protect against insulin resistance, thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Best for Thyroid :  3 fatty acids that your thyroid craves

These fatty acids, including lauric acid (found in a mother’s breast milk), are small enough that they can be gobbled up by the mitochondria, the Duracell of  your cells. Because of this, they provide immediate energy for the body. Lauric acid is converted to monolaurin, which is a potent antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal substance. Because monolaurin is a monoglyceride, it can destroy lipid-coated viruses including measles, influenza, HIV, herpes and a number of pathogenic bacteria. Another fatty acid that coconut oil contains is caprylic acid, also found in breast milk. Also known as octanoic acid, this saturated fatty acid has a number of health promoting properties and the innate ability to treat yeast-like fungus in the intestines. Capric acid is present in very small amounts in goat’s milk and cow’s milk, but is abundant in tropical oils, including coconut oil and palm kernel oil.  In the body, capric acid is converted to monocaprin, a form that can readily fight viruses, bacteria, and the yeast Candida albicans. Because of this unique combination of fatty acids, our coconut oil suppresses inflammation and repairs tissue while inhibiting microorganisms that cause the inflammation in the first place.

Helps to control weight : by swallowing 2 table spoons in the afternoon, it put a “film” on your stomach wall,  and send a hormone signal to the brain; “I’m full “. So you eat less and digest better. It can reduce hunger. It may be related to the way that fatty acids in it are metabolized because of the ketone bodies will have an appetite reducing effect.

How to use Dr. William’s  ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra  Virgin  Thai Coconut Oil.   ?

Eat it with a plastic table spoon in the afternoon. Don’t sip out of the bottle, micro organism will enter the bottle. Based on hundreds of first-hand accounts, a couple tablespoons a day can work wonders. Put it in your coffee it complements coffee’s robust flavor nicely and you don’t need sugar,   milk or chemical creamers  in your cuppa anymore. Cook with it. Coconut oil is healthier, and it has a higher smoke point   than any other cooking oils. This can prevent the accumulation of carcinogenic radicals on your food when cooking with high heat. It’s the only oil which molecule doesn’t change by heating. Cave : The yellow colored and cheaper  “Coconut “Cooking oil has may be 30% of it, the rest can be  all kind of unhealthy bad vegetable oils. Brush your teeth with it. Mix it with a little baking soda for natural, chemical-free toothpaste that also helps restore the health of your gums, cavities and teeth. Or, for additional benefits to your teeth, you can swish/pulling the oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes just as you would a mouthwash.

Take back your health. Take back your choice.

Take up Dr. William’s  ORTHOMOLECULAR Organic Extra  Virgin  Thai Coconut Oil.