The Placenta has been used for more than 5000 years, in Chinese traditional medicine, as a tonic remedy under the name of ‘Shikasha’, and is, as the ultimate source of life, the subject of much modern research in the development of new medicines for presently incurable diseases.

Read about what would motivate pregnant women to prepare to store their own placenta.

And what exactly are the benefits of placenta based products and how, someday, this knowledge may save the life of you, or your baby or the baby’s father!

Because of the great benefits of his work on the human placenta, and its potential for saving many lives from the ravages of cancer, Dr. William is making his treatise available to everyone at the low, low price of just SGD $17.50. Alternatively, you can instantly have access to the complete first chapter – FREE at the underneath download link


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  • Chapter 1 Introduction: The Amazing Afterbirth
  • Chapter 2 Membranes and Umbilical Cord
  • Chapter 3 Exploitation in practice : HIV
  • Chapter 4 Autologeous, body own…
  • Chapter 5 For Mother, Child AND Father
  • Chapter 6 How to create your own Placenta Bank
  • Chapter 7 For Ever Young with Placenta Capsules
  • Chapter 8 Enigma of biology
  • Chapter 9 Baby Boomers get Younger
  • Chapter 10 New biologic anti cancer “vaccine”
  • Chapter 11 Why the baby isn’t throw out ?
  • Chapter 12 Fidelity with Filatov’s Biostimulines
  • Chapter 13 human Stem Cells: the ultimate regeneration
  • Chapter 14 Conclusion
  • Chapter 15 Not included Research projects: trial and error
  • Chapter 16 Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 17 Make your own placenta extracts
  • Chapter 18 Literature/References